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Id: 83213

Location Name: Austin Pets Alive

Location Address: 7711 Burnet Rd. Suite 7723, Austin, TX 78757

Contact For This Location Name:

Contact For This Location Phone Number:

Are Supplies Needed: true

Tell Us About The Supply Needs: Donated (not loaned) medium & large wire dog crates (we have heard local places are running low on crates so you can buy from Amazon & get them shipped to the above address: or, sheets (can be used), bath & beach towels (can be used), aluminum food bowls, styrofoam bowls, dog & cat food (meat as 1st ingredient), wet canned cat food, kitty litter, aluminum baking pans (like this for litter boxes), trash bags, bleach, paper towels, dog poop bags, clorox wipes, sponges, hand brooms/dust pans, litter scoopers, leashes (all size- flat), all size martingale collars, mops, mop buckets, push brooms. Please bring donations INSIDE do not leave items outside.

Are Volunteers Needed: true

Tell Us About The Volunteer Needs: 18+ yrs old and be able to do phsyical labor. Fill out form here:

Anything Else You Would Like To Tell Us:


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