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Id: 83221

Location Name: Buddy Moorhead Stadium

Location Address: 3200 West Davis, Conroe, TX 77304

Contact For This Location Name:

Contact For This Location Phone Number: 936-709-7529

Are Supplies Needed: true

Tell Us About The Supply Needs: on FRIDAY, SEPT. 1st, 10am-2pm Personal care items: toothrbushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, baby wipes Cleaning supplies: buckets, mops, paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergrent, rubber gloves, face dust/particle masks Food: bottled water, peanut butter, canned meats/protein, canned fruits and vegetables, canned stews, soups, chilies; dry cereal; easy to open snacks; baby formula; ready to eat produce if distributed quickly (oranges, apples), Fruit cups **Any other ready to eat items, pop-top cans preferred

Are Volunteers Needed: false

Tell Us About The Volunteer Needs:

Anything Else You Would Like To Tell Us: Enter through main high school entrance for donation drive


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Latitude: 30.321306

Longitude: -95.48419