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Id: 83264

Location Name: Church of the Apostles

Location Address: 1111 W 14th St Houston, Texas, TX 77008

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Are Supplies Needed: false

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Are Volunteers Needed: true

Tell Us About The Volunteer Needs: - ON-CALL Volunteers: willing to be called on to a) come up to Apostles for emergency help; b) run errands during time slot; c) help with other needs as they arise during time slot. All you need to do is be near the church (ideally in the Heights area) and willing to answer your phone when you are on-call and run an errand or two! - SHOWER Volunteers: Willing to welcome families into your home either in AM or PM to take showers. They will come with clothes, towels, and toiletries, just need access to showers and/or baths (children). (Many people are in families and will come together). Ideally, you would be able to pick up and return these people to the building but we can supplement transportation if needed. - LAUNDRY Volunteers: Willing to pick up, launder, fold, and return laundry to COTA within 24 hours of request. Ideally volunteers will be able to use their own detergent but we can provide if needed. To sign up for ONCALL, SHOWERS, or LAUNDRY, please click here:

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