NRG Center

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Id: 283221

Accepting: true

Address: NRG Pkwy, Houston, TX 77054

Address Name: NRG Center , NRG Pkwy, Houston, TX 77054, Houston, TX

City: Houston

County: Harris


Notes: Baker-Ripley (NOT the Red Cross).

Pets: Yes, Dogs and Cats only

Phone: (832) 667-1400

Shelter: NRG Center

Source: Https://

Supply Needs: Donations can be taken to World Harvest Outreach Seventh Day Adventist.

Updated By: Lynn

Volunteer Needs: Volunteers needed through 9/17. Sign up online:{A377997F-96FE-4CE4-806B-904B35BA132A}&t=BakerRipley-Harvey-Shelter-at-NRG-Volunteers *Medical personnel needed (last check 30 Aug @ 6pm) **Translators needed for Farsi, Urdu, Tagalog, Vietnamese, South Asian dialects

Distribution Center:

Food Pantry:

Updated At: 2017-09-04 02:59:55 UTC

Latitude: 29.685072

Longitude: -95.41109