Woodlands Church

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Id: 283229

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Address: 1 Fellowship Way

Address Name: Woodlands Church, 1 Fellowship Way, The Woodlands, TX

City: The Woodlands

County: Montgomery




Phone: (281) 367-1900

Shelter: Woodlands Church

Source: https://www.facebook.com/WoodlandsChurch/

Supply Needs: MUD OUT & CLEANING SUPPLIES NEEDED: Contractor Wheelbarrows, Safety Glasses, Power Tools (18v Dewalt Set with Batteries), 5 Gallon Buckets, ATV Ramps, Push Brooms, Crowbars, Hammers, Hand Trucks / Dollies, N95 Masks, Tyvek Suits, Box Fans, Ladders, Flat Shovels, Hard Rakes, Halogen Work Lights, Extension Cords (3-prong Type), Pinch Bars Reciprocating Saw Blades, Scoop Shovels, 7-10 Gal. Wet/Dry Shop Vacs, Skil Saw with Blades, 5lb Sledge Hammer, 8lb Sledge Hammer, Squeegees, Work Gloves, Tile Scrapers, 52 pc Tool Kits, Heavy-duty Contractor Trash Bags, Backpack Sprayers, Scrub Brushes, Latex-free Rubber Gloves (S, M, L, XL), Scraper (basically a garden hoe straightened out, instead of blade at 90 degrees), First-aid Kits (Minor Cuts and Scrapes), Hacksaw Blades for Cutting Sheet Metal, Evapo Rust (Gallon Jug), Leaf Rakes, Cat's Paw (Digging Bar), Super Bar, Large Dust Pans, Pliers, Phillips & Flathead Screwdrivers, Drywall Knives and Blades, Chalk Line and Chalk, 1" 25-30' Measuring Tapes, Post-hole Digging Bar, 12-18" Pipe Wrench, 8" & 12" Adjustable-end Wrench, Wire Cutters, Channel Lock Pliers, Wisk Broom, Deck Brush, 5-in-1 Painters Tool, Pruning Loppers, Pole Saw

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Updated At: 2017-09-05 21:22:17 UTC

Latitude: 30.200987

Longitude: -95.473728