Veterans Hall

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Id: 283312

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Address: 305 Park Drive

Address Name: Veterans Hall, 305 Park Drive, Wiemar, TX

City: Wiemar

County: Colorado


Notes: 9/4 (4:35 p.m.) Colorado County, the City of Eagle Lake and the City of Columbus have issued voluntary evacuations due to the threat from flooding. Unincorporated Colorado County -Voluntary Evacuations issued for properties adjacent to, and along the Colorado River. -Contact: 979-733-0184 or the Colorado County Sheriff's Office 979-234-2640 City of Columbus -Voluntary evacuations for flood-prone areas in the city. -Contact: 979-732-2366 City of Eagle Lake -Voluntary evacuations for flood-prone areas in the city. -Contact: 979-234-2640 The designated shelter for this evacuation is the Veterans Hall 305 Park Drive, Wiemar, Texas.


Phone: (979) 725-6278

Shelter: Veterans Hall


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Updated At: 2017-09-06 21:08:05 UTC

Latitude: 29.7094907

Longitude: -96.784704